Farm Animals

Feed the alpacas by hand

Feed Alpacas by hand

      William and Billiam

Farm stay near Maleny

     Our boy Bucky

Sweet Alpaca to pat at your accommodation on the Sunshine Coast hinterland
Alpaca Farm stay QLD Australia

We provide animal feed for all guests

Feed Alpacas near Brisbane QLD Australia

Feed the animals

Farm stay feed the farm animals near Brisbane

     Boss Prudence

Pigs living their best life near Maleny

     Sweet darling Pumba

Pet pig Sunshine Coast

Pumba and Prudence

Pet Pigs accommodation Australia


Pet Alpaca beautiful

Alpaca farm near Maleny

Big boi

Jenny the henny

Pat the farm animals at our beautiful Farm retreat

Billy was raised in a house like a baby and he wants you to know it.

Pat a house raised darling goat near Brisbane QLD

Baby alpaca sunbathing

Baby alpaca feeding Maleny QLD Australia